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Teczo Adds Multiple Collaborative Features to Facilitate Project Tracking and Information Sharing on its Collaboration Platform
November 04, 2010

In the recent upgrade, Teczo added multiple collaborative features to help small-to-medium companies improve project management efficiency and information exchange processes, including a new dashboard, record status icons and customized user groups.

SAN BRUNO, Calif. November 4, 2010 -, Inc. (Teczo), a leading Software-as-a-Service provider to small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide, announced today an upgrade on its web-based enterprise collaboration platform. The upgrade, apart from improving certain performance aspects, also added multiple collaborative features: a new dashboard, record status icons and customized user groups. These features aim to ease and speed up the transferring of information and knowledge, providing individuals from different departments, companies or locations an ideal platform for collaboration.

"Customer experience is always Teczo's top priority," stated Chi Ho Wong,'s CEO. "Teczo receives hundreds of customer feedbacks each day and we treat each feedback seriously. The Teczo team will carefully evaluate each request and focus on the development of new features and functionalities that create more value for users, those that can facilitate collaboration, something we believe strongly about when envisioning an Enterprise Collaboration Platform."

Organizations using Enterprise or Enterprise Plus edition will be able to experience these new collaborative features at the beginning of November:

Dashboard is a summary of all recent updates in your Teczo account. It consists of different widgets that can be moved around, removed, and recreated. Users can easily customize the dashboard and get a quick overview of latest updates to topics and projects that matter most.

Record Status Icons allow users to identify at a glance what types of changes have been made to newly updated records. Users can prioritize which records to attend to first without the need of actually viewing the records.

Customized User Groups allow you to create private and public team member groups so customizing and manipulating access rights will be even easier.

About Teczo, Inc. (Teczo) provides small and medium-sized businesses with a web-based enterprise collaboration platform, which fosters information flow within an organization and enables distributed individuals and teams to work together seamlessly and productively in a secure central environment.

Teczo solutions are designed for collaborative work in all key business operations, including project collaboration, knowledge management, product development and time and attendance tracking.

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