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Email: Collaboration Platform Launches 4 New Modules for Small and Medium Businesses
May 28, 2010

SAN BRUNO, Calif. – May 28, 2010 -, Inc. (Teczo), a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of a web-based enterprise collaboration platform to small and medium sized businesses worldwide, announced on 26 May, 2010 that it has added four new modules to its collaboration suite, The four new modules: Standard Operating Procedures, Certificate Tracking, Product Change Tracking and Return Management Authorization Handling, aim to facilitate project collaboration and knowledge sharing in product development, allowing to be more readily adaptable to the operational needs of various companies and organizations.

"Teczo's online platform provides companies with the advantage of enabling their respective teams and departments to use an all-in-one collaboration solution for operational areas such as project management, document sharing, topic discussions and time & attendance tracking,” stated Mr. Roger Li, Teczo Sales & Marketing Manager. “With the addition of these four new modules, we hope to enable companies to incorporate more of their organizational processes into, allowing them to further enhance efficiency and streamline workflow."

Organizations using the Enterprise Plus Edition will be able to access these new modules in June, and apply them to the following business areas:

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Module - provides an efficient channel for staff members to find the latest documents on their organizational processes. It ensures that operations of a company are supported by appropriately authorized procedures.

Certificate Tracking Module - serves as a central platform to monitor the status and progress of acquiring certificates for different products. It fosters communication between product marketing and engineering departments.

Product Change Tracking Module - allows users to open and participate in discussions about product changes. Department heads can approve or decline requests with a few simple clicks. It aims to speed up product development and decision making.

RMA Handling Module – serves as a means for project team members to handle, trace and record return merchandise processes. Based on the reason of return, the request from the customer will be forwarded to corresponding departments for further investigation and final approval.

Built on a multi-tenant architecture, all Teczo modules are web-based and can be accessed via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Teczo, Inc. (Teczo) provides small and medium-sized businesses with a web-based enterprise collaboration platform, which fosters information flow within an organization and enables distributed individuals and teams to work together seamlessly and productively in a secure central environment.

Teczo solutions are designed for collaborative work in all key business operations, including project collaboration, knowledge management, product development and time and attendance tracking.

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