Online Collaboration Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

Teczo's online platform provides companies with the advantage of enabling their respective teams and departments to use an all-in-one collaboration solution for project management, knowledge sharing, document management, topic discussions and time & attendance tracking.


This web-based module is practically a replacement for paper planners, which is an ideal tool for tracking tasks to be done. Action items are kept in a centralized location, and managers can easily distribute jobs, schedules and plans. This module is specifically designed to improve your company’s planning of executing a variety of tasks. It increases the visibility of tasks and team activities, helping concerned people to stay informed.


This module acts as an electronic alternative to the traditional bulletin board. It provides a core or a place where users can easily post and view new announcement, memo, news etc. It assures that all employees receive important announcements, instantly. Furthermore, Teczo Announcement can replace the traditional business memos that use up paper and clog e-mail inboxes; easy access rights control allows you to limit or expand the recipients of an announcement, according to your needs.

Contact Management

Find, manage and review your contacts. Control, organize and track who sees what, and what they do with the information. Teczo Contact Management empowers you to consolidate all customer information into a single, holistic view. This enables customer-relation personnel in sales, marketing and customer service representative to find the needed contacts conveniently. Since contacts are constantly in touch, make quick and informed decisions on everything from customer strategies to effective problem-solving.


Teczo Forum presents an online discussion area where your company’s employees can engage in open conversations on any work-related topic. Topics can be shared to as many or as few employees as desired, so that everyone can benefit from a few exchanges of ideas. This helps members of an organization to interact effectively and share meaningful discussions. As team members interact through Teczo Forum, they are drawn to compare, contrast, analyze, evaluate and synthesize ideas and proposals relevant to the subject of discussion.

Standard Operating Procedures

SOP module provides an effective channel for staffs to find the latest documents in their organizational processes. It ensures that the company operations are supported by approved procedures.

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